Systemize, sassify, SUCCEED! How to do more with less time.

Systemize as much as you can.

So HOW do you systemize your daily tasks?

Would a checklist help?

  • Check messages
  • Check notifications and respond to comments only
  • Check group activities for comments that need replies
  • Timed check of social media activities (Word of warning! Make sure you set yourself a timer to look through your social feeds, checking for good shares for your page, gathering ideas, touching base with people, leaving some responses along the way etc. This is an area that can be a HUGE time suck if you don’t manage it. It’s just oh-so-tempting to “like” and comment on every little thing that invokes an emotional response)
  • Prepare your posts for the day
  • Schedule your posts (Or better yet, plan and schedule your week’s worth of content in advance to save yourself some hassle)
  • Check posts in any groups that are giving you value and participate when it is right. (Another tricky time-sucker! Best to limit group activities to those you manage and/or give you some real value for your business. Purely enjoying them for enjoyments sake doesn’t count.).
  • List Item
  • Review notifications for comments or activities needing attention before moving onto the next category of tasks.

How do I do it?

Your Turn!



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Sacha Brant

Sacha Brant

I’m a professional time-saver. I help business owners and entrepreneurs liberate their time and money. We’ll manage your slowest, most dreaded tasks so that you